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Boma-Flavors of Africa
Dinner Menu

Breakfast Menu
Dinner Menu

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Dinner Served 5 - 10 p.m.
Adults - $23.99
Children 3-11 - $9.99

Tax and gratuity additional

Boma is a family restaurant serving breakfast and dinner. It will capture the essence of vibrant life in the African marketplace. This family-fun buffet restaurant provides guests the ability to savor the African experience, which has multicultural influences. The restaurant showcases an exhibit kitchen, wood-burning grill and rotisserie.

This is an all you can eat experience, but unlike traditional buffet lines, where you start at one end and work your way across...Boma offers "pods". Each pod has a selection of food and generally a chef nearby to answer questions.

Non-alcoholic, non-specialty drink included in price.

The dinner menu goes through rotations so this list is subject to change:

African Breads

Mixed Field Greens:
Mango Vinaigrette, Paw Paw Vinaigrette,
Chili Cilantro Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette
Potato Salad
Fresh Fruit

Pasta Salad
Watermelon Rind Salad
Kool Slaai
Chicken Salad with Chili Cilantro
Moroccan Seafood Salad - Couscous, mussels, scallops and shrimp

Avocado, Grapefruit, Papaya, Curry Cucumber Salad, Spinach and Beet Salad

Macaroni and Cheese
Saffron Rice
Chicken Corn Porridge
Smoked Tomato Soup

Sweet Potato Pancakes
Vegetable Lentil Kofta
Braised Greens
Potatoes with Afritude

Spit-fired Prime Rib
Roast Pork
Durban Spiced Roasted Chicken
Malabu Pepper Steak
Banana Leaf Wrap Seafood (Sea Bass, or Salmon)

Vegetable Skewers
Chicken Pepper Pot
Coconut Curried Chicken Soup
Curried Coconut Seafood Stew
Couscous Marrakesh

Chicken Tenders
Spaghetti and Meatballs

Wonderful Dessert Buffet including:
Zebra Domes
Simba Paw Prints


updated December 2003
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