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Tambu Lounge
Restaurants of Disney's Polynesian Resort

Drinks and Snacks Menu
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House Speciality Libations

Malibu Macaw
A delightful combination of Malibu coconut rum and melon liqueur, pineapple and cranberry juices $6.50

from the Coconut Palms Resort in Hawaii. Made with light and dark rum, passion fruit juice and topped with a secret ingredient $7.75

Parrot Passion
Amaretto diSaronno, banana liqueur, fruit juice topped with cherry brandy $6.50

Blue Hawaiian
A tropical favorite with Bacardi rum, blue Curacao, pineapple and sweet and sour juices $6.50

A powerful blend of Myers dark rum, apricot brandy, fruit juices, a dash of grenadine and topped with with Bacardi 151 $6.75

Pina Colada
A creamy frozen concoction of pineapple, coconut and rum $6.25

Mai Tai
A traditional favorite from the islands made with Myers rum and fruit juices $6.50

A unique blend of two rums, banana liqueur and blackberry brandy combined with our pina colada mix with a dash of grenadine $6.99

A refreshing blend of Bacardi rum and fruit juices topped with brandy $6.50

Lapu Lapu
Tropical fruit juices and Myers dark rum served a fresh pineapple topped with Bacardi 151 $8.99

Island Sunset
A light blend of spiced rum, Malibu, melon and peach combined with our guava passion fruit juice $6.99

Strawberry Daiquiri
A sweet refreshing frozen strawberry blend with rum $6.25

Appetizing Temptations
Served from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Cheese Plate
Medley of cheeses with fruit garnish and assorted crackers $5.99

Shrimp Cocktail
Large chilled shrimp served with Asian slaw and spicy cocktail sauce $7.99

Chips and Salsa
Crispy corn tortillas with fresh salsa $4.99

Boneless Chicken Tenders
Tender strips of chicken breast, deep fried and tossed in traditional buffalo style sauce $6.99

Egg Rolls
Vegetable egg rolls with sweet'n'sour sauce, and spicy hot mustard $5.99

updated December 2003
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