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Munster, Germany
Pictures of Munster, Germany

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Promenade I

Munster Germany

The Promenade rings the old city center of Munster (the "Altstadt"). Now a "bicycle highway," it traces the path of the ancient city wall. The Promenade is lined with trees and is the preferred method of getting around Munster.
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Pictures of Munster, Germany:
Promenade I
Promenade II
Pink Bicycle

Altstadt I
Altstadt I
Oldest Building

St. Lamberti Church
Cages of the Anabaptists
Anabaptist Statue
View From Spire

Astronomical Clock
Hall of Peace
Modern Art
Braille Map

Mühlenhof Open-Air Museum
Sheep Under a Windmill
Organ Grinders

Overhead View

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