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Mason House
Parlor of the Mason House: Orb photos taken in a haunted hotel in Iowa

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Parlor of the Mason House Inn

Mason House

Another pictures of the parlor, with an orb at the upper right. Joy reports that Fannie Mason Kurtz, the last of the Mason family to own the building, was married in the parlor and died in the dining room in 1951. "My daughter and I have both seen 'shooting orbs' in the dining room. They look like a shooting star zooming across the TV or the lamp and catching the light for a fraction of a second.

"We had a guest eating lunch in the dining room who kept looking at the fireplace and then around the room, and back at the fireplace. Finally she said to me. 'Some one died in this room, here by the fireplace. She is still here. She is walking around the room and greeting the guests. She is happy. She likes it here and does not want to leave.' The lady could not see the spirit, but could feel her as she passed by."
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Pictures of Mason House © 2004 Joy Hanson. Pictures of Mason House used with permission.

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