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Bed Bug Treatment

A Bed Bug Treatment That Worked


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RC wrote in with pictures of bed bug bites and her successful bed bug treatment story. She and her husband were exposed to bed bugs in a hotel room, and at one point actually saw baby bed bugs hanging off their skin. The bed bugs followed her and her husband home, and infested their own bed. Here is the bed bug treatment plan she followed at home.

Bed Bug Treatment Plan from RC: Here's how we killed our bed bugs (it took two long nightmarish weeks):

We both shampooed our hair and showered daily. I washed all of our clothes, towels, etc. daily. We checked each other with a flashlight daily; and as long as my husband kept getting new bites, we kept up the routine.

Bed Bug Treatment: The Couch
We were very careful not to let anything come into contact with the couch and bed. I found a dead molted bedbug in our mattress pad after it came out of the wash, so it's important to wash and rise in hot water.

We stopped sitting on our couch and sat on metal folding chairs. Our couch is a polyester/cotton blend fabric, so we sprayed it down once a day with 91% isopropyl alcohol which dries out and kills the bedbugs, and then vacuumed it. I found five tiny bedbugs underneath a cushion, so the couch must be sprayed and vacuumed everywhere, in crevices and even behind buttons.

Bed Bug Treatment: The Bed
We stopped sleeping in our bed and slept in a different room. We sprayed our mattress, both sides, and the box-springs with the 91% isopropyl alcohol, the vacuumed them. We even sprayed along the rails and into the joints where the rails go into the bedframe.

Bed Bug Treatment: Did It Work?

Every three days or so, my husband would test the couch, then the bed by sleeping on them. Since he was more allergic to the bites, they showed up quicker on him. We could tell the number of bites were decreasing, but he still had them.

Bed Bug Treatment: The Couch, Phase Two
Then we pulled the couch away from the wall. We sprayed the back of the couch and underneath it with the alcohol, and vacuumed. We sprayed alcohol and vacuumed along the baseboard and the carpet around the couch, since as they matured the bed bugs seemed to be on the defense and moving.

Bed Bug Treatment: The Bed, Phase Two
We lifted up the box-spring of the bed and sprayed then vacuumed the carpet underneath, where I found three more almost mature bed bugs, so they had actually left the bed!

Bed Bug Treatment: Bug Bomb
After that we decided to try an insecticide. We stood up the mattress and the boxspring on end to expose as much of them as possible and left the bedrails exposed. We set off a bug bomb in the middle of the carpet which had been under the bed, and we used a plastic garbage bag tucked up under the door to keep the fumes from escaping.

The next day we set off a bug bomb where it sat on the frame of the couch and the cushions were out of it, standing up on their ends as well. The couch had been pulled to the middle of the room and was away from the wall.

Bed Bug Treatment: SUCCESS!
THAT WORKED! The bug bombs killed all of the bedbugs for us. The good thing about using the alcohol is that it forced the bedbugs out of deep hiding which made it easier for the fog to get to them. The product that we used was RAID Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger in a small 1.5 oz. orange can, from Wal-Mart. It does not claim to kill bedbugs, but it worked for us.

Bed Bug Treatment: One More Thing
Don't forget to through out that bedbug filled vacuum bag, or eventually they'll crawl back out. Bedbugs are not stupid.

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