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Where Can I See Pictures of Bed Bug Bites?


Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

Pictures of Bed Bug Bites

Question: Where Can I See Pictures of Bed Bug Bites?

Pictures of bed bug bites on other people can help you identify the bites on your own skin. Seeing a picture of the signature bed bug bites in the clustered "breakfast, lunch, dinner" pattern, and seeing a picture of the angry rash bed bug bites can cause, can do one of two things. It can help you figure out that bed bugs are causing your bites, or it can put your mind at ease by ruling them out.


Many victims of bed bugs have generously agreed to put pictures of their bed bug bites online in order to help others. The pictures aren't always the best quality, as it can be hard to take a snapshot of your own bites. But these pictures of bed bug bites can give you a good idea of the size and pattern of actual bed bug bites to help you identify them.

Readers of this site have sent in over two dozen pictures of their bed bug bites, suffered both in hotels and at their homes. They took the time to write down a bit about their experiences with bed bugs and the resulting bites. A wide variety of people and their reactions to the bed bug bites are shown in the pictures, to give you an idea of the range of reactions possible.

Bedbugger.com has a helpful page of pictures of bed bug bites, including one rash in the shape of the devil. They've also started a Flickr group for bed bugs and pictures of bed bug bites. Bedbugger also has a picture of bed bug bites on etymologist Lou Sorkin's arm after he allowed hundreds of them to feast on his arm.

Bad Bed Bugs.com has a series of comments and questions from people with bed bug bites, some of whom have posted pictures.

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