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Bed Bug Spray

Use a bed bug spray to kill those little pests on contact


Bed bug sprays can melt their exoskeletons, attack their nervous system and kill them on contact. (Don't you feel better just thinking about that?) They can also provide a protective barrier that bed bugs can't cross. A few bed bug sprays can be applied directly to your skin, although some are harmful to humans and pets. Read bed bug spray labels carefully. See also: bed bed control

Bed Bug II Spray

It's pricey, but I'm told this bed bug spray works wonders. It's a water-based spray with the active ingredient Deltamethrin, which acts quickly on contact to paralyze the bed bug's nervous system and kill them. It can be harmful to humans, so use caution.

Travel Safe Bed Bug Spray

This bed bug spray comes in a travel size, so you can take along when you stay in hotels. The non-toxic formula can be sprayed directly on the hotel mattress and on your luggage. The enzyme formula claims to kill bed bugs on contact without harming people or pets.

Mother Earth D Bed Bug Dust

Made of 100 percent diataceous earth, a naturally-occuring sustance, this is not technically a bed bug spray but a powder. Still, it can be safely sprinkled around beds, in the cracks of wood furniture, and in carpet. It's non-toxic and is actually used as an organic food additive for livestock. To bed bugs, however, it's fatal. To keep bed bugs from climbing up to your bed, fill a cup with this powder and put the leg of your bed in it.

Bed Bug Bully Bed Bug Spray

This bed bug spray also comes in a number of sizes from 8 ounce to five gallon. It's non-toxic and safe for the environment. It's claim is that this concentrated bed bug spray "penetrates the exoskeleton of the Bed Bug, dehydrates and suffocates it in seconds, rendering it LIFELESS!" Sounds good, right? Interestingly, it smells like green beans.

Best Yet Bed Bug Spray

This bed bug spray stands out because you can actually spray it directly on people, even children. It works like outdoor bug sprays, protecting your skin from bed bugs and their bites. You can also spray it around sleeping surfaces to create a protective barrier against bed bugs. The spray kills bed bugs on contact.

Kleen Free Naturally Bed Bug Spray

This bed bug spray is all-natural and includes vinegar, which will explain the smell. The spray is an insecticidal soap that repels bed bugs and is non-toxic. When sprayed on bed bugs directly the enzymes will melt their exoskeletons -- sound good?

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