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Top 10 Gadgets for Business Travelers


Take a look at some of the best new gadgets for business travelers. These gadgets are designed to make a business trip easier, and they make great gifts.

1. Targus Zip-Thru Corporate Traveler Laptop Case

I've used a lot of laptop bags in the past few years, but this is my all-time favorite. It's TSA-approved, designed so you don't have to take your laptop out when putting it through security. You just load the laptop in one side, and all your cables, accessories and files in the other. At the security checkpoint, you unzip it in the middle and send it through. It's got a strap to secure it to your rolling carry-on suitcase, and plenty of pockets for whatever you travel with. A must-have for anyone traveling with a laptop.
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2. PowerSquid

I travel with a Blackberry, a laptop and a camera charger. I'm always lucky if I find one outlet in a convenience spot, either next to the bed or at the desk. The PowerSquid lets me take advantage of that one outlet by letting me plug several devices into it at once. Even larger footprint plugs, like my camera charger, only take up one spot on this nifty little device. A good idea and a great traveling companion.
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3. Travel Charger for Cell Phones

Leave the full-size charger at home. These lightweight and portable chargers can do the job -- often in less time than the standard models. They plug into a standard outlet, and can be left plugged in until needed without damaging the unit. These devices generally double as a alternative power source for the phone, as you can make calls while the phone is plugged in.
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4. iPod Nano

I never thought this would be a must-have when I traveled until someone gave it to me as a gift. Now I don't like to travel without it. Music, podcasts, even foreign language lessons come with me wherever I go. The stress of long delays at airports, cramped quarters in coach class, and long cab rides disappear when I pair this with noise-cancellation headphones. Better yet, so many hotels now have docking stations, so you can set a better mood in your room when it's time to turn CNN off.
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5. Portable Projector

Ultra-light and portable, personal projector can weigh as little as 5.5 lbs and measure fewer than 10 inches across. An optional hard case lets you throw it into your suitcase without fear.
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6. Audio Pillow

Are you the type of traveler who likes to bring along a pillow from home? Try this nifty gadget. The audio pillow has two built-in speakers for comfy surround sound, in your hotel bed or on the plane. Just plug your audio device into the standard jack and rest your head. Great for music, white noise or books on tape.
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7. Noise Reduction Headphones

These noise-cancellation headphones will turn even the loudest jet engine or lawnmower into a low-frequency hum.
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8. Hanging Travel Kit

Hanging travel kits are a must when negotiating most hotel rooms. Toiletries, cosmetics and other personal items can be kept at a convenient height and away from small, crowded bathroom shelves.
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9. Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox

Take along your entire collection of CDs and MP3s. This device stores over 100 hours of CD-quality music, which equals about 150 CDs. Just plug in your headphones and go.
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10. Webcam

A nice gift when there are people at home you miss. Pair this with Skype and you can see and hear loved ones wherever you left them behind.
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