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Top 7 Travel Gifts for Men


Shopping for someone who travels quite a bit? Here are some ideas for Travel Gifts for Men, perfect for the road warrior in your life.

1. Mobile Edge WiFi Signal Locator

Mobile Edge WiFi Signal Locator
Carrying a laptop means you can take care of reports and email on the road instead of at home. But first you have to find a wireless Internet signal. This little keychain device does that automatically, and at about $25 it's a deal. It won't distinguish between open and secure networks, but it will help track down a place to work.
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2. TSA Luggage Lock

TSA Luggage Lock
These special locks keep your luggage secure, but can be opened with a special key only issued to TSA agents in case they need to search your bag.
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3. Pack-It Cubes

Small, medium and large cubes, usually with mesh sides for visability, make it easy to organize different items in your suitcase, like socks, boxers or undershirts -- and find what you need, fast.
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4. Pack-It Shoe Sack

Similarly, shoe sacks keep dress shoes from getting scuffed, and keep the rest of your clothes clean and separate from your shoes.
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5. Talking Picture Frame With Clock

Portable picture frame not only takes along a picture of someone you love (and miss), it records a short voice message. It also has an alarm clock.
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6. L.L. Bean Hanging Organizer

I stole this from my husband, so he had to buy another for himself -- then we each bought one for the gym. It organizes all your cosmetics, and hangs in the bathroom for easy access. It doesn't bother us any more when we are in a hotel with no shelf space in the bathroom (which seems to happen all too often).
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7. Travel Neck Pillow

Essential item for anyone who travels on an airplane often, but they work in hotel beds for comfortable TV watching as well.
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