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Cinderella Castle at Night


Cinderella Castle Suite Pictures

Cinderella Castle Suite Pictures

Image courtesy Walt Disney World

Right at the heart of the Magic Kingdom, inside the iconic Cinderella Castle, is a very special suite that can't be booked at any cost. It takes up an entire floor of the castle, and has a view from stained-glass windows of Fantasyland. Dreaming big? Take a tour with these Cinderella Castle Suite pictures.

If the location alone doesn't capture your imagination, wait until you see inside. The suite consists of a bedroom furnished with two beds and a fireplace, a parlor-style sitting room, and a gilded bathroom complete with sunken tub. The suite is adorned with several tile murals which tell the Cinderella story. A "magic" mirror hangs above the bedroom fireplace.

For many Disney fans (myself included!), spending the night in Cinderella Castle would be the ultimate dream come true. The suite is available for special promotions, with no word from Disney about ever renting it out. (Can you imagine how much a night in a suite in Cinderella Castle would cost?) The Royal Suites in Disney's Port Orleans Resort is an affordable, realistic alternative for many guests. Decorated by Princess Tiana with help from all her Disney princess buddies, it's got a few of the magical touches that wow guests in the real Cinderella Castle Suite.

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