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Hotel Reviews: Europe

Reviews of hotels in Europe by city and by country. This is not a comprehensive list of all the hotels in Europe. I only list hotels in Europe that I personally recommend, or which are unique enough to merit your attention. This is a good place to find the perfect hotel for your next trip to Europe.
  1. Austria (3)
  2. Belgium (6)
  3. Czech Republic (2)
  4. England (63)
  5. France (34)
  6. Germany (25)
  7. Greece (1)
  8. Hungary (2)
  9. Ireland (2)
  10. Italy (17)
  11. Monaco (3)
  12. The Netherlands (34)
  13. Poland (0)
  14. Portugal (2)
  15. Scotland (2)
  16. Spain (6)
  17. Sweden (2)
  18. Switzerland (2)
  19. Turkey (0)
  20. Wales (1)

Europe like a Pro
Savvy travel insiders give you tips to save money the next time you book a hotel in Europe.

argos in Cappadocia
argos in Cappadocia: An independent review of the guest rooms, restaurants and recreation at argos in Cappadocia with pictures and links to special rates.

argos in Cappadocia
Luxury resort in Turkey.

European Hotel Chains Think Outside the (Big American Brand) Box

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