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Hotels in Wales


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Seaside Bliss - St. Brides Hotel and Spa
St Brides in Wales

St Brides in Wales

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After a week of touring Wales from north to south and tasting everything from salt marsh lamb to laverbread, I needed a soothing place to land. A quick stop in to tour St. Brides Hotel and Spa on the Pembrokeshire Coast in southwest Wales turned out to be just the trick; I stayed through lunch and the better part of the afternoon.

The patio outside the airy lobby is a popular spot to sit and watch the seagulls cruise over sandy coastal national park spread out below, and that's exactly where I settled to enjoy the view and a good book over a long lunch of creamy leek soup, Welsh Lamb Noisettes and wine -- wait, was I supposed to be recovering from too much fabulous food and wine?

I kept trying to persuade myself to take a walk along the inviting coastline, but how could I? A few steps away awaited the St. Brides Spa, by far the best I'd come across in my travels across this beautiful countryside. A rainforest treatment area with a salt infusion room, ice fountain and aroma steam room would have undoubtedly been a treat; to up the ante, they carried Comfort Zone products, my very favorite. Unfortunately, duty called, and I had to move on to my next destination. You, however, should linger as long as possible.

Next up: Seaside bliss along the South Wales coastline.

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