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Reviews, recommendations, and pictures of hotels, resorts and inns in Germany.
  1. Hamburg (7)
  2. Munster (5)
  3. Potsdam (3)
  4. Munich (2)
  5. Berlin (0)

Radisson Blu Gewandhaus Hotel
Radisson Blu Gewandhaus Hotel: This is an old-school elegant hotel--not a place for high design fans to bed down. But for a comfortable and classy stay in the heart of Dresden's historic old city, the Radisson Blu Gewandhaus is a fine choice.

Radisson Blu Gewandhaus Hotel - Pictures
Pictures of Radisson Blu Gewandhaus Hotel in Dresden, Germany.

Brenner's Park Hotel and Spa (Baden-Baden)
Well-deserving of its reputation as one of the world's ultimate spas.

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