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How to Get a Picture of a Ghost


Ghost pictures (orbs) in a hotel room

Ghost pictures (orbs) in a hotel room

Charlyn Chisholm
Is it possible to get a picture of ghost? Some people think so. Ghosts are commonly believed to show up on film as "orbs," small round lights that can vary in size and color. These orbs can't be seen with the naked eye, but can be captured with just about any type of camera. With a little time and patience (and access to the right "hot spots"), you can take your own ghost pictures.
Difficulty: Hard
Time Required: Depends on the ghosts

Here's How:

  1. Go to a potentially haunted location. People traditionally go to cemeteries, but you can go to any location you think might have a ghostly presence. Some even report that orbs are more common near children and animals.
  2. Before you take a picture, stop and "tune in" to the area. Do you feel as if you're being watched? Are the hairs on your arms standing up? Do you detect any changes in temperature? These are common ways people can sense forces they can't see. Note which areas of the location seem more "alive."
  3. Point your camera at those spots and take pictures. It's best to take as many pictures as possible. Orbs are known to move around quite a bit, so out of several pictures taken of the same spot in sequence, you may only get one ghost picture.
  4. Take careful notes of the times, locations, and conditions under which you took your potential ghost pictures. Dust, humidity, and pollen have been known to create "false orbs" in pictures.
  5. Once the pictures are developed (or you have a chance to look at your digital pictures closely), look for round shapes, especially those that look like lights.


  1. Tread carefully when entering an area so as not to stir up dust and pollen into the air, which can create false orbs.
  2. Don't take pictures in the rain. Rain droplets can appear on film as orbs moving upward rapidly, because of the way the camera flash illuminates them.
  3. Keep all originals of your photos, along with your notes on times, locations and weather conditions. This can help you determine if an orb is real or false, and can help you document your ghost hunting.

What You Need

  • A 35 mm or digital camera, or even a video camera. Or try infrared film.
  • A friend. It can be nerve-wracking to do this alone.
  • A lot of patience. You may have to take many photos before you find orbs.
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