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The First Picture of Orbs, Ghost Pictures

Orb photos taken in hotel rooms ... Could they be ghost pictures?

The First Picture of Orbs: Ghost pictures taken in hotel rooms This is the first picture of orbs that I noticed, and the one that got me started on this journey. I was looking through the dozens of pictures I had taken of hotel rooms in Wurzburg, Germany over the span of two days. I was about to fix the circular "glitches" in the picture with Photoshop, but something stopped me. I had seen these types of circles before. (see below)

My mother took a class a few years ago on ghosts. The class took a field trip to a cemetery and took pictures with 35 mm film, digital cameras and infrared film. Several of the photos came back with round spots, called "orbs." They looked very similar to the circles in the picture above. Some people believe they represent some sort of paranormal energy, perhaps caused by the presence of ghosts.

If you look closely, you can see a dozen orbs. Can't see them all? In the next photo, I'll highlight them for you.
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Ghost pictures (pictures of orbs) copyright 2004 Charlyn Chisholm. Licensed to About.com.

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