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Haunted Hotels: A Night in the Napa River Inn


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Haunted Hotel: Napa River Inn
Three ghosts haunt the Napa River Inn

Three ghosts are said to haunt the Napa River Inn.

(c) Charlyn Keating Chisholm
I have a confession to make. I've written articles about haunted hotels, but I've never spent the night in one. So, I decided it was time.

I chose the Napa River Inn in California. The building dates back to 1885, and was once a working mill. Captain Albert Hatt, Jr. hung himself in what is now a bakery, back in 1912. His wife, who also died there, has been seen roaming the hallways above. And a story in the local newspaper reports that a few hotel guests ran into former mill owner Robert Keig, who died in 1975.

Room #208, right above Sweetie Pie's Bakery, and Room #207 right next door, are two of the hotspots. One woman on TripAdvisor said she heard the doors to both the rooms open and slam shut, but the hotel staff told her there was no one else staying on the floor. "Since my first stay, I have gone back twice during the years," she wrote, "and I look forward to spending another night this summer! I must say however, I will not be spending it in #207!"

Well, I did.

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