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Haunted Hotel Rooms

Intrigued by the movie 1408? Check into these haunted hotel rooms.


Adapted from a short story by Stephen King, 1408 stars John Cusack as a skeptical writer who stays overnight in a haunted hotel room. Sound appealing? Here are a few haunted hotels you can check out for yourself.

Stanley Hotel: Rooms 217 and 418

This Estes Park, Colorado hotel inspired Stephen King to write "The Shining," and he finished half of it in Room 217. The entire fourth floor is where most of haunts seem to be located. In particular, if you want to be spooked, book room 418.

Napa River Inn: Rooms 207 and 208

Three spirits are said to haunt the Napa River Inn, which dates back to 1885. The unexplained activity seems to center around the two guest rooms above Sweetie Pie's Bakery, the site where one of the previous owners of the building hung himself years ago. I spent the night in room 207.

Omni Parker House: Room 303

A former stage actress haunts the third floor of this Boston hotel, and a businessman died in room 303. Longfellow, a frequent guest, also liked to stay on the third floor, and the elevator often travels to that floor when no buttons are pressed.

Crescent Hotel: Rooms 202, 218, 419 and 424

Ghosts sightings have been reported at a number of locations in this historic Eureka Springs, Arkansas hotel, including the dining room, the lobby, the recreation room and the third floor. Room 218 is the spot where Michael, an Irish stonemason, landed when he fell from the hotel's roof during construction. His ghost is said to bang on the walls and turn the lights and television on and off.

Myrtles Plantation: The Game Room

Many rooms in this St. Francisville, Louisiana inn are reported to be haunted. One of them is the game room, where four murdered have been reported. Guests say a picture in this room can fly off the wall and change expressions. Bloody handprints have also been spotted next to the picture in infrared photos.

Queen Anne Hotel: Room 410

This hotel in San Francisco was once a girls' school, and Miss Mary Lake was the headmistress. Her room, now the Mary Lake Suite, is said to be the most haunted room in this atmospheric hotel.

Mason House Inn: Rooms 5 and 7

Strange occurrences have been experienced by guests, particularly in rooms five and seven of this Bentonsport, Iowa bed & breakfast.

Ramada Plaza Hotel: Room 717

Odd things have happened in the ballroom of this Fond du Lac, Wisconsin hotel. But it's room 717 I'd be nervous about. In 2001, a guest and several housekeepers heard a man screaming on the seventh floor. A maintenance employee named Bill rushed to Room 717, where he heard, "Help me!" and saw the door moving outward, as if it was being kicked, hard, from the inside. The front desk told Bill no one was supposed to be in the room; the female guest had checked out hours before. Suddenly, all was quiet. Inside, Bill found an empty room. There were no marks on the door, as he expected from the banging.

Madrona Manor: Room 101

Ask for Room 101 in this Healdsburg, California inn, and you may spot the ghost of a young girl. Or, keep an eye out in the dining room for a spirit named Elsie.

Brown Palace: Room 904

While room 904 of this Denver, Colorado hotel was under renovation (and had no phone), the front desk would receive calls from that room. The calls were believed to be from Mrs. Louise Crawford Hill, a socialite who lived in that room for fifteen years.
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