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Haunted Hotels in California

Haunted hotels in California. From celebrity spirits from the Golden Age of Hollywood to a real-life ghost ship, haunted California hotels have their share of ghostly phenomenon.

Haunted Hotels: Braving the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, California
I spent the night in a haunted Victorian hotel, the Queen Anne in San Francisco. A nightly "ghost hunting" tour of the Pacific Heights neighborhood meets in the lobby of the hotel.

Haunted Hotels: Ghost Hunting at the Hotel del Coronado
My ghost hunting tour of California took me to the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California, just across the bay from San Diego. The Hotel del Coronado is believed to be haunted by the ghost of young Kate Morgan.

Haunted ghost ship
My ghost hunting tour of California took me to the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach. A historic ship, once a hospital, now a hotel, the Queen Mary is believed to be haunted by numerous ghosts from stern to bow.

Dorrington Hotel
Built in 1852 as a stagecoach stop, this historic hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of one of the original owners, Rebecca Dorrington Gardner.

Grande Colonial Hotel
This haunted La Jolla, California hotel hosts a group of ghosts who just don't want the party to end.

Groveland Hotel
Lyle is a friendly, reclusive spirit who plays tricks on the guests of this Groveland, California haunted hotel.

Georgian Hotel
The ghosts in this Santa Monica hotel are heard more than seen.

Holbrooke Hotel
This historic hotel in the Sacramento area has been the scene for a couple of ghost sightings, including a 19th century woman who appeared in an upstairs hallway and a cowboy in the Iron Door.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
Celebrity spirits like Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift reportedly are still detected in this haunted hotel in Hollywood, California.

Kate Morgan
Kate Morgan, the woman who died in the Hotel Del Coronado still waits for her husband to return.

Hotel Leger
George Leger, the original owner of this haunted hotel in Mokelumne Hill, died in 1879, but his spirit is said to haunt the salon and several of the guest rooms.

Hyatt Hotel St. Claire
This haunted hotel in San Jose, California may have a smoking ghost.

La Playa Hotel & Cottages
This haunted California hotel (and its ghosts) are linked to the Ghiradelli chocolate family of San Francisco.

Madrona Manor
This haunted hotel in northern California is home to the spirits of two young girls.

Mendocino Hotel And Garden Suite
A Victorian woman haunts the mirrors and rooms in this haunted resort hotel in California.

Napa River Inn
This hotel in an 1884 historic mill and warehouse is thought to be haunted by several ghosts, including Albert Hatt, the son of the original mill owner.

Pierpont Inn
This haunted hotel in Ventura, California has a former manager that still keeps an eye on things.

Paso Robles Inn
This haunted hotel in San Luis Obispo, California is watched over by a night clerk who is always watching for fire.

Queen Mary Hotel
This real-life ghost ship in Long Beach, California has a colorful history that just won't seem to stay in the past. Staterooms and suites in this haunted hotel are available for the bravest souls, or stop by in the safety of daylight for a tour.

Sierra Nevada House
This haunted hotel, built in 1850, has a mischievous but friendly ghost the staff has named "Christopher." A less friendly spirit, "Mark," was persuaded to leave Room 4 by a psychic.

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