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Haunted Hotels: Hotel del Coronado


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Haunted Hotels: Ghost Hunting at the Hotel del Coronado
The beach and pool at the haunted Hotel del Coronado

The beach and pool at the Hotel del Coronado

(c) Charlyn Keating Chisholm
Honestly, I was looking forward to ghost hunting at the Hotel del Coronado. I'd seen pictures of this historic grand hotel, set on one of the best beaches in the United States (if you believe Travel + Leisure) in Coronado, California, just across the bay from San Diego. So in the daylight hours when ghosts are scarce, I could fit in some R&R.

When I arrived, I met with the hotel's own historian, Chris Donovan. She has written a book about the hotel's resident ghost, Kate Morgan. Kate was a young woman who checked into the hotel over Thanksgiving weekend under an alias, stayed a few nights, and killed herself on the steps of the hotel leading to the ocean.

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