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Haunted Hotels: Hotel del Coronado


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The Haunted Counter at Established in 1888
The counter at Established in 1888

The counter at Established in 1888

(c) Charlyn Keating Chisholm
Later that day, she asked the manager of that shop if anyone had been inside early that morning. The manager had been the one to open the shop, and had not arrived that early. She did notice, however, that all of the books on a shelf at the bottom of the counter were in disarray. She noted the books looked as if someone had been leafing through them, and left some open on the floor. A few had been pushed back on the shelf.

The manager noticed the books in particular because she had locked up the night before, and had taken care to neaten the row of books herself.

I asked this woman if she had ever seen the "ghost" again. "I don't look into the store anymore," she admitted. "I just sort of rush past it."

Hoping to see the ghost of Kate Morgan myself, I woke up very early the next morning and retraced the woman's steps. At about 6:00 a.m., I walked past the store, peeking into the window of "Established in 1888." I also walked past Kate's room, #3327, and out to the steps leading to the beach. I didn't see any signs of Kate's ghost, and everything looked to be in its place.

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