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Haunted Hotels: The Queen Anne


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I Am So Brave
My guest suite at the haunted Queen Anne Hotel

My guest suite at the haunted Queen Anne Hotel

(c) Charlyn Keating Chisholm
11:07 PM. Before I can go to sleep, I really need to pull back the shower curtain to make sure no one's hiding in the bathtub.

11:21 PM. I have every light in the room blazing. It makes me feel better, but means I won't get any sleep. I turn off the overhead light, but the glow from the ornate bedside lamps is too faint. I decide to switch on the TV for more light. E.R. is just starting. That won't work at all -- way, way too much blood. I switch it off and turn on the computer instead.

11:24 PM. OK, the glow from the laptop computer is just right. I chide myself for not bringing my flashlight and LOTS of batteries from the car. Maybe next time I'll pack a nightlight with my toothbrush.

11:46 PM. The shower curtain still isn't pulled back enough. And what's in that armoire? I have to open it and confirm it's empty.

11:53 PM. The armoire's empty. Not even an extra blanket. So if one appears by morning, I'll be really freaked out.

12:23 AM. There's a shadow in the corner.

12:25 AM. I turn on the overhead lights again. The shadow is a pillow I didn't notice before. I turn the overhead lights off again.

SOMETIME LATER. I fall asleep.

7:35 AM. I wake up, with no extra blankets tucked in around me. Everything seems normal. I survived another night in a haunted hotel.

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