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Haunted ghost ship


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haunted ghost ship
The Queen Mary, a haunted hotel in California

The Queen Mary, the haunted ghost ship in California

(c) Charlyn Keating Chisholm
Usually when I contact a hotel about reports that it is haunted, people are happy to talk to me. Only one hotel so far has told me, "Even if the stories are true, we don't want you to write about them."

I had no such problem about at the Queen Mary Hotel also known as the haunted ghost ship in Long Beach, California, just south of Los Angeles. I didn't have to wonder if they'd mind me writing about their ghosts. They've made a whole industry out of them.

Originally a luxury cruise ship when she was built in the 1930s, the Queen Mary has a storied history. In World War II, she was commissioned to serve as a troop transport ship and floating hospital. Nicknamed the Grey Ghost, she was such a thorn in Hitler's side that he put a bounty on her: $250,000 and highest military honors to any captain who could sink her. (No one ever collected.)

The Queen Mary crossed the Atlantic Ocean 1,001 times before coming to permanent dock in Long Beach, California. Now, visitors can stay overnight in a stateroom, take one of a number of historic and haunted tours, dine in the restaurants and attend special events.

Since so many people have reported ghostly encounters while on board the Queen Mary, the owners have set up special "Ghost Encounter" tours, made a film and created a unique, multimedia ghost encounter that would be quite at home in a theme park. There is even a Paranormal Research Center on board the ship.

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