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Presidential Hotels

Hotels that boast U.S. presidents among their past guests


Staying in one of the grand historic hotels in the United States provides guests with a window into the past. Breathtaking architecture, fascinating historic displays and the chance to sleep under the same roof as a U.S. president captures the imagination of American history buffs. Here are a handful of hotels that have hosted U.S. presidents, where you can still check in.

The Madison

Washington, D.C.
President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy officially opened this grand hotel in 1963, and in its 40-year history it has hosted every U.S. President since.


New York City
This classic and luxurious Art Deco hotel opened in 1931 as New York City's first skyscraper hotel, and has hosted seven decades of U.S. Presidents.

The Carlyle Hotel

New York City
Dripping with classic New York elegance, The Carlyle has hosted every American president since Harry Truman. Presidents Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter and Reagan have all stayed at The Carlyle so often, it was their "unofficial" home while in New York City.

Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa

Phoenix, Arizona
This resort has hosted every sitting president since Herbert Hoover. Of recent note: John McCain held his second wedding in the resort's Aztec room.

The Jefferson Hotel

Washington, D.C.
The Jefferson has several original documents signed by Thomas Jefferson on display, signed while he was Governor, Secretary of State and President. The President's Room is the place where George Bush selected his cabinet during the "White House North" period.

The Battle House, a Renaissance Hotel

Mobile, Alabama
Ulysses S. Grant and Woodrow Wilson were both guests of this grand historic hotel, built in 1852 and reopened in 2007.

Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa

Wailea, Hawaii
President George H. W. Bush and President Gerald Ford both stayed at this beautiful Hawaiian resort.

Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Florida Keys
This resort in Islamorada was a regular stop for fishing trips by George H. W. Bush.

The Equinox

Manchester Village, Vermont
Mary Todd Lincoln and her sons spent summers here. Their last family vacation was cancelled due to President Lincoln's assassination, and some think she haunts the hotel.

Renaissance Mayflower

Washington, D.C.
President Calvin Coolidge was meant to attend the Inaugural Ball at this hotel in 1925, but missed it due to his teenage son's untimely death. He is said to haunt the hotel now.
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