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Hotel Deals

Hot Hotel Deals, Discounts and Package Rates


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wCaribbean pool view

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Looking for vacation ideas? These package deals at hotels might inspire you. When you book, check directly with the hotel to confirm what's included. Note: Most package deals at hotels are based on double occupancy, may not include tax and tips, and will probably have limited availability. Here's where to find current hotel deals and vacation packages from around the About.com network:
  • Hotels and resorts all around the world add new package deals every day right here, with details on the package price, the extras you get, and where you can book the deal.
  • No one spots a bargain like Mark, our Budget Travel guide. Every Monday he picks ten new Discount Travel Deals to feature. Often they are hotel deals, but could also be airfare or attraction tickets.
  • Teresa, our Family Vacations guide, puts together a great list of Family Travel Deals, from Disney to to the beach.
  • Anitra, our guide to Spas, points you to Red-Hot Spa Deals at destination spas, hotels with spas and even day spas in popular destinations.
Many of About.com's destination guides also hand-pick hotel deals in their destinations:
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