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Bugs in Hotel Rooms

Guests Complain About Bugs in Hotel Rooms


"I got bedbugs in my room and told the management who denied it. They said they checked the bed but couldn't find any bugs. Well, how do you explain more than 15 bites in two days?" -Bedbugs (Los Angeles)

Time For an Exterminator
"Beautiful location, crappy everything else. The rooms had ants and roaches. We were told by front desk that it was an ongoing problem. 1) Why would you say that to a guest? 2) Wouldn't you try and fix something like that? The prices just don't match the product or the write up. Perhaps the army of ants and roaches were the 'memorable guest experience' they were talking about." -Mr. E (Oregon)

Let the Flies Have It
"We found out that we had a colony of flies in front of our door, and they can enter the room when you open the door. We had to change to room because of the flies mainly, and they helped us to look around for another room we liked. But all the rooms had flies at [their] doorways!!! We kept asking them to solve it, and they keep saying, OK, we are working on it, but the flies were increasing. I talked to the manager, then they installed a thing to kill flies next to our room 'above the trash basket.' So we are the only room [without] flies now." -Smaour (California)

Sticking to the Floor
"The room was beyond disgusting. The pillows were so flat and thin, that it was basically a pillow case. There was a weird odor in the room. The bathroom door didn't close all way; there was not a single towel of any kind in the room. There were dead bugs behind the bathroom door. The floor was so sticky your shoes stuck when you walked and looked as if it hasn't been cleaned in a very long time. [We] didn't really sleep for fear of bugs crawling over us. We all felt as if we needed to be disinfected after being on the property. I think sleeping in my car would have been healthier and safer than staying there was. I'm just waiting see a rash or ringworm appear somewhere on my body." -Winconsintraveler (Wisconsin)

More Bedbugs!
"Two words - BED BUGS. Room 439. Called to advise hotel management. Left a message as there was not a manager working the day I called. Never received a call back. I am not looking for compensation for my extreme discomfort, maybe just an apology and to be assured they would take care of the problem. Their silence is very telling." -Jane D. (Atlanta)

Ant Hotel
"We opened a suitcase where we had to keep some of our clothes as there were no hangers in the wardrobe, we pulled out a t-shirt only to find an ants nest with millions of ants everywhere!!" -Keelin (Turkey)

Bats Abound
"One night there was a bat flying about in the bathroom! Yeah I know, you wouldn't think, would ya? Recommend to keep windows and doors closed at all times." -Zarah (Turkey)

Maybe It's a Pet
"We arrived in our room, and to our surprise we pulled back the couch bed and there was a bug in the sheets. We called down to the front desk, and the young lady said she would send someone up to look at it. Why would I want you to look at a bug? Anyway, we waited a half hour; no one came." -LuckeyGirl (Virginia)

Bed Bugs Again!
"Bed bugs all over the room! Stay away from this hotel. There was a filthy blue blanket and multi-colored pillow on the bed, covered with bed mites and fleas. I was bit by bugs all over my body immediately after I wrapped my body with their blanket. Bites were swollen like a rash, itched all night, all week! The hotel took no responsibility on the event. Terrible customer service." -Pinkershoes (Miami Beach)

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