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Five Things I Wish Were in Every Hotel Room


Five Things I Wish Were in Every Hotel Room
Image courtesy Charlyn Keating Chisholm
Life on the road for this frequent traveler would be so much easier if these five simple things were in every hotel room.

1. Toothpaste
In stores, toothpaste is readily available in two sizes - tiny (0.85 oz) and big (4+ oz). Until the companies that manufacture toothpaste figure out there's a market for a 3-ounce size that fits in a quart-sized baggie, it sure would be nice if hotels would provide a small tube of toothpaste as a standard amenity in hotel bathrooms, along with the shampoo. It's something everybody needs. While they're at it, how about some shaving cream?

2. Electrical Outlet by the Nightstand
Cell phones are a travel necessity nowadays, multitasking as alarm clocks, not to mention free long distance calls. Life on the road would be so much easier with an electrical outlet near the bed, right above the nightstand. In the meantime, I may start packing an extension cord.

3. Shower Gel
A few years ago this was nearly a standard. But now? Out of the three hotels I stayed in last week, only one had shower gel along with the shampoo and conditioner. Bring back the shower gel!

4. Bathroom Privacy
Oddly, here's another hotel room feature that seems to be going the way of the vacuum tube television. Recently I've seen sliding bathroom doors with big gaps below and on either side, windows in showers, and louvered walls that let in light, and along with it sounds. Whatever happened to a big, solid, soundproof door? In the interest of ventilation and lighting, bathrooms are losing all sense of privacy. On a related note, when did hotels do away with bathroom vents?

5. Slippers
I always appreciate having a robe in the room. Hotels get major bonus points from me if they include slippers as well. Why? Just imagine how many other bare feet have walked across that carpet. This goes double for all those Caribbean resorts with cold, hard stone floors.

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