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Unexpected Charges on Hotel Bill

Hotel Guests Complain About Unexpected Charges on Their Hotel Bills


This Room Costs How Much??
"The evening clerk was very rude! She swiped my debit card, and punched in $54,000 instead of the room rate. She proceeded to say out loud, so others heard, that my card was rejected. There was enough money in the account for this expense. It was her fault and it cost me later on in my trip. When I traveled to another state, I had problems using my card for my rental car and a restaurant! I called the management to complain, but to no avail. Finally, told them that I will never stay there again, and that I would spread the news of my bad experience." -Sue B. (Michigan)

Bait and Switch
"The booking agent at the hotel, over the telephone, is working a classic 1960s scam involving charging extra to upgrade to a better room only to find out upon arrival it's a very poor room. Upon requesting the original room and rate one is then told it was discounted anyway and is now $60 a night more. Absolutely despicable management and potentially illegal activity." -Tony (England)

Charged More for More People
"This location is a disgrace to the company name and image. We reserved a room for four people via [the hotel's] website. Upon arriving at hotel was told additional charge was to be added to the rate, due to having extra people in the room. We were told that they could not honor the rate and it was just a suggestion. We only had four people as the reservation was made for. Hotel attempted to charge us extra money on top of the rate for having four people. After arguing with them for over 20 minutes, we finally were refunded the extra money and proceeded to the room." -Wisconsintravler (Wisconsin)

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