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Uncomfortable Rooms

Hotel Guests Complain About Uncomfortable Rooms


Kristi, Tell Us How You Really Feel. Don't Hold Back.
"Their 'Signature Dream Cloud Bed' was more like a 'Signature Nightmare Slab of Spring-Filled Crap.' This room was little more than a Motel 6 with a down comforter." -Kristib77 (Lake Tahoe)

Tiny Room
"The room was TINY and I'm not talking single bed tiny, I'm talking that my luggage wouldn't fit through the door tiny. I was put in a closet basically. I asked for a better room and they gave me one that was supposed to be 'bigger' but just slightly. The hotel wasn't full in the least, which makes me wonder why they'd stick someone in a closet if you have other rooms available. The pictures on the [hotel's] website are a joke. The rooms they show don't exist there." -Dissatisfied (Chicago)

Even Tinier Room
"The room was so small you had to go outside to change your mind (old gag --sorry)." Brad (Michigan)

Sleeping on Rocks and Bricks
"The beds were held up with bricks. There was food under the beds, in the corners, and in drawers. The beds were hard as rocks." -Haley (Michigan)

Antique Furniture: Good. Antique Mattress: Bad.
"The room was clean, but the mattress should be replaced! The springs were broken and it was very uncomfortable. Had a horrible backache for days after sleeping there! We couldn't wait to leave. They had remodeled but failed to replace the most important thing being the mattress! Never again! A horrible night!" -Reggie (New Mexico)

Just How Old WAS That Wallpaper?
"The pictures were deceiving to say the least. The [hotel] has updated the casino, as well as all of the restaurants and clubs, but I assure you, the room was STILL circa 1979. The salmon and mauve walls matched the green shag carpet perfectly. I am certain the wall paper was older than me. The toilet didn't work, constantly running, and only flushed once in a awhile. The one-foot deep 'Jacuzzi' stunk to high heaven upon starting up the jets, like mildew. Silly me, I assumed there would be, at the very least, a coffee pot in the room being that I paid $200 a night, but I was sorely mistaken. I made the trip down the elevator each morning and dropped $20 on Starbucks. Coincidence they placed a Starbucks there? I think not. The other hotel patrons waiting in line for coffee at 7:00 am in their pajamas were not happy either. I'll bet that location is a top earner for Starbucks! As far as their 'Aveda' amenities, that they were. One tiny, TINY, bottle of shampoo and conditioner, and the smallest bar of soap known to man. The towels felt like sandpaper, I almost opted for using the box of Kleenex to dry off." -Kristib77 (Lake Tahoe)

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