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Bed Bug Pictures

Learn to recognize a bed bug with pictures


Looking at bed bug pictures is the best way to prepare yourself to recognize them in hotel room and in your own home. Once thought to be eradicated from North America, the legendary little pest known as the bed bug has been making an unwelcome comeback. These bed bug pictures give you a close-up look at this blood-sucking creature. In particular, the bed bug picture on a human finger will give you a good idea of the size of an adult bed bug. See also bed bug: pictures of bites.
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Bed Bug On Finger: Pictures of the Bed BugsBed Bug on Human FingerBedbug On Skin: Pictures of Bed BugsBed Bug On SkinBed Bug On White Cloth: Pictures of Bed BugsBed Bug on White ClothBed Bug On Red Cloth: Pictures of Bed BugsBed Bug On Red Cloth
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