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Size of Bed Bug Bites

Picture of the bites on a man's leg alongside a ruler


Size of Bed Bug Bites

Size of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites on David's leg, with a ruler to show the size of the rash. He says, "Thanks for trying to help someone else. Anything to avoid the horror and pain I've been through for the past week. I would still recommend the [hotel], just be careful and call ahead. On a good note, I believe that there were about 30 others from our group who stayed at the [hotel] on the same night and no one else got hit but me as far as I know. I spoke with the [hotel's] headquarters and they were helpful in making sure the hotel took my concern for other potential future quests seriously. I would recommend calling the [hotel] and ask for a room that has been deep cleaned or something like that.

"I don't want to hurt the [hotel]'s business, just help avoid someone else going through this, so please do not paint a bad picture on the hotel since these things can be out of their control."

See more pictures of David's bed bug bites on his legs and one picture of a bite that blistered and caused a rash.

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