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London Hotels

A London travel expert picks her favorite hotels


I asked my colleague and London travel expert Laura Porter, guide to our very own London Travel site, about some of the great hotels in London. Below are a few of her personal favorites.

1. One Aldwych London

Picture of the facade of One Aldwych in London.
Image owner: © One Aldwych. Photo source: www.leonardo.com
I was treated to Sunday lunch and a movie in their private cinema which was a lot of fun. It's a really cool luxury boutique hotel and I have a nice photographic profile as I felt the pics were really useful to give you a feel of the place. It's also a fab location as it's the building on the north side of Waterloo Bridge. Lots of people think the views from Waterloo Bridge are the best in London and people who live south of the river say they've really got to London when they see this hotel building (although I'd doubt all know what's in there). It's a bit like the flat iron building in New York so architecturally interesting too. The view from the first floor bar looks straight down Waterloo Bridge so it's just stunning.

2. Gore Hotel

Ten of the 50 rooms are feature rooms and include The Venus Room which would make a perfect setting for a romantic break or a honeymoon, and The Tudor Room which will whisk you back through the centuries. There's even Judy Garland's bed in one of the rooms which is a feature in itself! I loved the throne toilets which certainly make you feel regal. Great location close to the Royal Albert Hall in Kensington so also close to the big 3 museums in South Kensington and Hyde Park, with Kensington Palace (where Princess Diana lived).

The Gore Hotel Details and Rates

The Big 3 Museums:

Kensington Palace

3. Umi Hotel London

Umi is a new concept in hotels by having a service-led attitude usually associated with 5 star hotels. Umi was given a 3 star rating in 2007 but is a cut above others in the area. Notting Hill and Bayswater have plenty of mid-range hotels and it can be hard to choose from the masses. Umi is larger than most as it takes up 6 houses on a quiet square overlooking a private garden. It instantly stands out with its fresh flowers hanging outside and the Umi logo which was developed in association with a brand design company.

4. Sanderson

I've been to the bar a few times and had lunch here. I find the place really vibrant and it feels likes walking onto a contemporary stage. Don't be shy here as it exudes confidence. Offering cutting edge, unique accommodations designed by the renowned French designer Philippe Starck, Sanderson will appeal to the most discerning guest seeking exclusive urban style. I haven't plucked up the courage to enter its sister hotel: St. Martin's Lane Hotel which looks just as cool.

5. Charlotte Street Hotel

Even though some of the rooms are disappointingly small, I like this hotel for its atmosphere. It had a lovely lounge on the ground floor at the back with a log fire where I've curled up on the comfy armchairs with hot chocolate and friends. I like the Fitzrovia location as you're likely to bump into a few celebrities!
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