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Fisher Island Hotel & Resort

Review of Fisher Island Hotel & Resort


Secluded on a private residential island, this Mediterranean-style resort offer outstanding amenities such as the Vanderbilt Mansion's main club. The resort is accessible only by auto-ferry, boat or helicopter. Guests are greeted with champagne or Fisher Island Mimosas at check in. Amenities include a marina, 9-hole P.B. Dye golf course, tennis courts, spa and fitness center.

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Fisher Island Hotel & Resort is located on a private residential island accessible only by auto-ferry or private boat, just south of Miami Beach.
One Fisher Island Drive, Fisher Island, Florida 33109 USA
Phone: (305) 535-6076; Reservations: (800) 537-3708
Email: hotel@fisherislandclub.com
Web site: Fisher Island Hotel & Resort
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