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5 Weird Hotel Bathrooms


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The Open Bathroom at CitizenM
The Un-Bathroom at CitizenM Hotel in Amsterdam

The Un-Bathroom at CitizenM Hotel in Amsterdam

Image copyright Charlyn Keating Chisholm, licensed to About.com
The new CitizenM at Amsterdam's main Schiphol Airport is a cool concept Guest rooms are tiny and ultra high-tech with a sleek design. Still, I wasn't prepared for what "tiny" meant for the bathroom -- no walls!

Walk in to the room, and you're faced with the toilet and shower, right there in the entryway. Both are enclosed in glass tubes that stretch ceiling-to-floor, and both come equipped with mood lighting. A curtain divides the "bathroom" from the "bedroom" (a king-sized bed that touches three walls). The cylindrical sink, also, is out in the open.


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