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Ghosts on the Queen Mary

Share Your Story: Haunted Hotel Stories

By Pacific101

Ghosts on the Queen Mary

Facing my fear

Where I Spent the Night

Queen Mary- Long Beach, CA. 03/15/13-03/17/13, I stayed in room B457 and my sisters stayed in B453

What Happened That Got My Attention

Friday night we 3 went on the paranormal investigation tour. We got to the "green room". Small room 15 people. My sisters left the room and stood out on the catwalk of the boiler room area. Kristi looked as Karri and said "I don't feel anything", just then they both heard a growl. One other guest that was in the green room doorway also heard it. Kristi turned around to go behind Karri and the next growl came from behind her. Not caught on investigation devices.

1st and 3rd class pool area, we recorded 2 EVPs, We were using headsets with a 5 second delay, we sang a song (Ring around the Rosie) omitting the last word, we caught a voice saying "down". All 15 people in the room heard it even those without the headsets. The guide said "thank you Jackie, got it" while he went on talking, myself and 3 other heard "get it".

The next morning Kristi woke up and found all of her blankets including the sheet on the floor at the end of her bed.

I also had a strong pull to #13 Hydraulic door. Nothing really happened but as I was leaving I felt a strong pull to go back and take a picture. Again nothing happened, I was by myself but it the need to go back was intense.

and finally-

I chose the Queen Mary because when I was 7 years old the propeller room scared the living hell out of me. I only went in because my family was in there. I pressed myself up against the farthest wall just to get through the room. No pun intended but this room has haunted me for 40 yrs. So before we left today, Kristi and Nikki went with me....it took 3 attempts to enter the room. I stepped in caught the propeller out of the corner of my eye and instantly stepped back out of the room. After 15 mins and 3 attempts I got in, pressed up against the wall....3 ft in my anxiety level went off the charts. Had a sense of something heavy on me, like a weighted cloak., hyperventilating, cold sweats, goosebumps, dizzy, nauseated, bone chilling cold, shaking nearly started crying. If Nikki (niece) and Kristi hadn't come with me I wouldn't have done it. None of the other areas of the ship affected me like this. Now that I have gone back I'm not over my fear of this room but I do not feel the need to go back. A guest that was with me just sent me this on FB. "We talked to the girl who hands out the audio tour things and she says that faces are seen in the water. In the "Isolation Ward" is a lists of people that died on board, a propeller trimmer was lost overboard 1951, his name A.J. Lee

Lessons learned

  • Ghosts do not scare me
  • I am sensitive to rooms, I can feel the negative energy and sometimes know what happened in that room that caused the energy
  • I can sometimes see (peripherally) grey moving shadows
  • I personally have heard a growl once in my ear before I fell asleep in my home
  • I confronted it told it I owned the condo and I don't mind sharing, leave me alone
  • I'm not scared when my closet door slowly opens and closes-no one else in the room, windows closed.
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