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Ghost Children, Ghost Bride: Lighthouse Inn, New London, CT

Share Your Story: Haunted Hotel Stories

By Lynfluff

Where I Spent the Night


historic inn

I played in several bands there so I would stroll the hallways during breaks or after hours when it was seemingly "quiet."

What Happened That Got My Attention

One time I was sitting on a chair at the end of the hallway and I heard laughing children running at me down the hall but no one was there. Another time, it happened again. Then I heard the story of where two children disappeared during a hurricane where New London was leveled and they died there or something like that.

Another time, I was looking up at the top of the stairs and saw a very light shadow in a white bridal gown floating down the stairs and another time I saw "her" going out of a window there...there had been a tragedy there of a bride on her wedding day that had fallen down the stairs and broken her neck at the feet of her groom (I don't think he ever married anyone after that).

This place definitely had a very heavy feeling in certain areas...like a weight was on me at times...other band members also had similar experiences. Currently, the Lighthouse Inn is only occupied by the ghosts and not open for business which I am sure makes the ghosts happy. It is a beautiful wonderfully charming place but if you do want to experience spiritual activity this is the place to stay! Staff told me often people staying the night asked to leave suddenly due to unexplained occurrences. However, no one felt that any of these ghosts meant any harm to them.

Lessons learned

  • keep your mind open
  • if you have the money, buy this place if it's not already taken...incredible history, great charm, beautiful decor, and very very interesting besides

Charlyn Keating, About.com Hotels, says:

Sounds like an amazing place to visit. I hope to get the chance someday soon. Thanks for sharing your stories.
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