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Picture of a Bed Bug from Costa Rica

Share Your Story: Bed Bugs and Bites

By Anna

Picture of a Bed Bug from Costa Rica

Bed bugs in Costa Rica, Liberia

Picture of a Bed Bug from Costa Rica

Bed bug on his back

Where and When I Was Bitten

Costa Rica, Liberia, Hotel Liberia, 4.6. + 5.6.11.

What Happened Next

The first day I stayed in that Hotel, I thought all the bite on my body are from mosquito, flees or little flies. Than I checked trip advisor and found a report that there a bed bugs in that hotel.

It was raining very heavy, I had a strong cold and was unable to travel. The mattress I slept on was a new one. The hotel had a new owners and they were about renovating the whole place. So, hope it will be all right.

After the second night, I got so many more bites and found two bed bucks, full of my blood, trying to escape. I tried to make photos. The first one I killed after taking a photo and the second one got into my camera lens when got close. These bugs can run really fast. They are very flat and get into any opening.

It got into my camera now and I carry it around with me. I have no idea when it will come out again and I'm just hoping that it will not ruin the electronics of my camera.

I continue travelling and still get constantly new bites. They itch like hell and I have to take antihistamine tablets, because it drives me crazy. They must be in my cloth or on my body. Yes, I'm taking showers, but it does not help at all.

You can draw a line from bite to bite all over my body. Bites are in cluster lines of 2-4 bites, than they walk a bit to the next space, suck there and continue their trip over my body. I'm bitten everywhere, all over and it itches strongly.

I told the manager of Hotel Liberia about it and show him the photo, I was taken. He felt terribly sorry about it and I did not have to pay for the two nights I stayed. The called a pest control specialist to get rid of the bugs in my room. But what's about next door and the the other two floors?

Lessons Learned

  • #1*
  • A lesson? I'm desperate, have a terrible cold, feeling very weak and sick because of that and all above 50 -100 bed buck bites all over my body. I'm travelling alone too.
  • People here don't even know about the existence of bed bucks or have a name for it. I asked around in pharmacies in order to get something against the itching.
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