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Readers Respond: What Every Hotel Room Needs

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When if comes to hotel rooms, something I can't live without is something you don't need. What did I miss? What's in your perfect hotel room? What do you need? (Registration is NOT required.)


More electrical outlets placed strategically above the desk, table, nightstand.
—Guest Me

Free Breakfast?

You are already paying around 100 dollars min. and for me, 300$ max, not including free breakfast is a lot of money for just a place to sleep!
—Guest 2Eat


I have visited numerous hotel chains this year-all could use more outlets in the room for cell phones, lap tops, and, a convenient place to iron! This is extra important if you are traveling with another person and now you need 2 spots for cell phones and laptops. I'm waiting for hotels that are renovating to recognize this!

Last minute items and items forgot

I agree wholeheartedly to your list. Add: toothbrush and disposable razor
—Guest Raymond Dalton

"Wi" no Wi-Fi? (cont)

Furthermore, nothing is more disheartening that to cross the threshold, only to find no coffee pot in the room, which is the "trendy" (reads: a practice used to gouge your guests for $14/pot of coffee when requested in the room) thing to do in many upscale hotel rooms. Observant travelers have often noticed the inverse relationship between providing that god-awful, though godsend all balled up into one little freeze-dried package of Maxwell House and the star rating of the hotel, insofar as the cheaper, Motel 8 types of the accommodations world are more likely to leave a few packs, albeit disproportionately skewed toward the decaf that we all loathe, next to the coffee pot; stay in a number of 4-star hotels in downtown Chicago and you might be surprised to open the armoire and find...a pocket-sized card with $14 written on it breaking the bad news. :)

"Wi" no Wi-Fi?

Not to diminish the value of that Christmas-like feeling one derives from flinging open the door to your home-away-from-home hotel room for the first time only to find a nice (2oz.?) tube of "shower gel" next to the well-worn (disposable?) "slippers," but surely two staples of hotel life that frequent travelers consider must-have amenities were omitted: Wi-Fi and Coffee Pots! Granted, a strong argument could be made that wi-fi is "expected" and should not even be a consideration; however, having found a growing number of hotels either 1.) charging a more than nominal rates for Internet usage or, - perhaps even more barbaric - 2.) offering no Internet whatsoever, I think we need to all pay homage to the unsung hero of hotel land. Moreover, some could even (fallaciously) argue that they expect "a bed," too, so why include wi-fi on such a list? Ergo, the former is a necessity (in most circles), while the latter is an amenity...

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