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Readers Respond: Stolen Items

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From the article: Stolen Items from Hotel
Nothing's more frustrating than returning to your hotel room and finding your valuables have gone missing. Except, perhaps, the hotel management's response that there is "nothing we can do." Now's you chance to complain. Ever had something stolen? (Registration is NOT required.)

iphone 4

Im staying somewhere in Australia and a few days ago my phone was taken out my room. It must have been the cleaner because nobody else has a key. I told the camp boss about it and they just looked at me and said oh well it happens, and that's all I got out of them.
—Guest steve m

jewelry stolen

stayed at a hotel New York. Had a leather pouch of jewelry stolen out of my suitcase. Hotel Manager did nothing except said he would call the police and did not. I called Police filed theft claim. Police told me they had a theft from this Hotel yesterday. Unable to use hotel safe which was in tiny dark closet on floor with instructions worn away. Hotel staff was rude . This happened a few hours after I woke up with a rash, looked closely at the bed linens and they were filthy called down to main desk to please change sheets today. Few hours later when we stepped out and then back in to the Hotel my jewelry was stolen out of my suitcase. They had no problem charging me over $300.00 a night with this kind of service.
—Guest elsa

Caught on camera

Me and my roommate Have been forced to live in a hotel down the street from our apartment due to the landlords lack of maintenance on the sewage system; it was backing up into the basement which made the place unfit to live in. I have been staying here on a weekly basis and last week my roommate said when he left for 20 mins and came right back he saw one of the housekeepers coming out of our room after he already went in and cleaned it an hour before, and he looked guilty. Well the next day they cleaned our room we set up a webcam in the corner of the room and turned the screen to black. Sure enough when the housekeeper came in she began rifling through drawers and looking for things. She even grabbed my backpack off of a shelf and unzipped every pocket and went through all of it. She didn't find anything worth taking I guess but this really pisses me off. Now I won't be able to stay in a hotel ever without thinking every housekeeper is going through my stuff.
—Guest Mr tiddlywinks

gold necklace

I forgot to clean out a drawer and left behind my necklace in a bad with some other items. When I called, the hotel had all the items except for my necklace. I am told the hotel is not responsible for stolen items. Is there any recourse for me?
—Guest joyce tyler


While we were guests at the hotel, my iPod was stolen from my room. I know that it was taken by Housekeeping. We immediately contacted hotel security and they did a search of our room and an "investigation." I was told by hotel management that the investigation turned up nothing. I was also informed that they did not question the housekeeping staff because they did not use a key card to get into our room. We were in the room when they arrive and we had let them in. We sat on our terrace while they worked in the room. I was not happy with the way the hotel handled the situation and went to the local police department and filed an official complaint. The hotel manager was going to email me a copy of the police report. I have emailed him and requested this information 5 times to no avail. I found the hotel management to be unhelpful and a little rude regarding this situation. I have also emailed the corporate office of the chain - also no response.
—Guest Evelyn D'Achille


a week ago someone stolen my desktop computer is it hp aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
—Guest computer


Stole my nice pair of earings when I wnet out for the day. Told management but they were not helpful even though they know who cleaned the room. What they should realize is that if the maid steals from the guests she will steal from the hotel(soap,coffee, towels, ect). I own a B & B and in 12 years I have never had a guest complain to me about things missing in their room. So, people stay at a B & B and forget these hotels that hire thieves to work for them.
—Guest Jackie Walker

Stolen Laptop - hotel management's fault

I stayed at in a hotel in Las Vegas for 3 nights. The first two nights were fine. The third night (March 14,2012), was horrible. My Macbook got stolen and for sure it was the housekeeper’s fault. On the 3rd day, Wednesday, we left the hotel about 1:30 pm to go eat and start our day. We left the room messy. When we got back to the hotel, at 10 pm, we thought to ourselves that the housekeeper didn’t come in as the pillows were on the floor. But when we looked to the bathroom, there were fresh towels and everything. The beds were obviously made, as there were new comforters (we had a child with us and he spilled chocolate milk all over the comforter). We then thought that maybe the housekeeper didn’t finish doing the beds and then left. We didn’t think too much about the pillows and went ahead and did other stuff. When I was ready to get ready for bed, around 12am, I was getting my clothes from my luggage, and my laptop was gone! My laptop was safely hidden inside my luggage.
—Guest Margaret L

My money was gone!

We stayed at a hoetl which is located at Kuala Lumpur.I forgot to take my contact lens case together with my money which are placed on the bed when I left the room. Once I went down to Reception,I recall back that I had left them inside the room,so I went up to the room quickly.Unfortunately,the housekeeper already inside the room and I only saw my contact lens case on the table,but my money was gone!It is very terrible,not even 10 minutes and my money was gone!I reported to the Reception and request to see their Manager.I felt disappointed at him.I describe the situation to him and I hope that he will ask that housekeeper to return the money to me.He is not helpful at all!He only asked that person came down after I request"Can you please ask him to come down?" and just ask him if he had taken it. As if anybody is going to say yes I took it!Besides that,he ended up this case with "May be you misplace somewhere else,you try to remember back.I believe my staff is honest."
—Guest Yoyo

Had my conceal carry weapon stolen

I recently had my conceal and carry weapon stolen from a hotel in columbia missouri. Managers are not willing to do anything about it. They also do not want to let me talk to the general manager. Besides being 650.00 in the hole with this thievery, I have to know that someone has a potentially dangerous weapon with probably a criminal record attached to my name. It can't be this hard to resolve as the manager told me that only two people had been in my room. One of them was brand new. Hmmm? Thanks
—Guest Gary Helvey

hotel put bags out side on street side

this is for the last response I had left about the hotel in New Orleans down town area. It was a horrible stay with no help the whole time. We were there. They did not help us with are bad that THEY had put outside on the street and at LUCK we had been looking EVERY where when they had told us are bags where missing, somehow they put them out there on the curb by ANOTHER family?? and we come outside yelling those are my bags they backed away like they did not no what we where talking about 4 out of 5 bags where there. talked to 9 different mangers and people that where supposed to help us and it never happened. we left the 22nd of feb

hotel put bags out side on street side

we had arrived at hotel a little early and where told they would take are bags and store them in a room where they kept bags before they brought them up to customers. One of the ladies that was helping us check in put all of are bags on a cart and said every thing would be find and when are room was available they would bring it right up. 3 hours later we got are room and no bags where brought up. We called and they told us are bags where lost?? we started to call and check where the bags where they could not be found. My girlfriend went back down to the lobby to check for her self and had walked outside and see all of are bags sitting by the street by another family with NO cart just the bags sitting by the curb side? we got the 4 out of 5 bags back that we left in the hands of the hotel nothing was done after complying for 4 days.

Never again!!

I recently spent two and a half weeks in the USA for my daughters 21st birthday and my own birthday also. Stayed at the hotel in Las Vegas from the 17-21 Jan 2012. Got into our hotel room to find the safe not working and reported this to reception. Informed we will sort it out for you. Next day 18th my birthday noticed that the electronic room key was missing from our room. Reported this also and given two new keys to access our room. Early hours of the 19/1/12 at 03:08 someone entered our room and took $16oo American $500 Australian, my I pad (just got it for Christmas) x 2 I phones x1 Ipod gold earings (a present of my mother just before she passed away), daughters Canon camera (21st birthday present) and $750 American from her also. Reported this to security. Felt as if we were not believed in the first instance. I insisted the police be called and they informed me this type of incident happens about three times a week! Still waiting to hear back from Risk Management!!!

Not a hotel...But ruined memories

Okay, so I'm only 13, but I'm pissed like the rest of you. So, last march break it was me, my parents, and my brother in Florida for the first time. We were in a restaurant, with our camcorder. (don't know why my brother brought it) So, we go, do all of our eating, my dad asked the manager to hold onto the camcorder for us, and he said yes. So, when we come back, we ask him for the camcorder back. He acts all confused, and to make a long, sad story short, we never got it back. And that really sucked because we had so many videos, like our whole filmed vacation to India was in the card in the corder, the Astronaut Training Experience trip was in there, so many things were in there. We lost like 1000$ in total thanks to their staff. So, here is the Micky D's we were in case anyone wants to know. Just alerting you people. And if the people would like to give back the stuff, email "claymaster900@gmail.com"
—Guest Sunil Sreekanth

house keeping

We are staying in a hotel in Austin, TX.My wife woke up for work on wed morning, crab a pair of earrings, and decided to wear a different pair. I take her to work get back and house keeping comes by. Do you need anything sir, just some towels please I said, but that was it. So the next morning my wife wakes up for work and the pair of earrings she put back were gone. So now we realized house keeping had already been in the room when we were gone and came back as if it was their first time. And all the hotel would say was we ask them they didn't see it and make a police report. Hell who did they ask, did they even ask the right person? Unbeliveable.
—Guest james rucker

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